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reethax0r's Journal

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3 October
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a clockwork orange, a covenant of thorns, alien sex fiend, and one, and/or, angst, anne rice, apoptygma berzerk, art, assemblage 23, bach, battery, bauhaus, beauty, beborn beton, behind the scenes, bella morte, big electric cat, björk, bois, bondage, boots, candles, cello, cevin key, christian death, clan of xymox, claus larsen, cliche, cloves, coffe, corpus delicti, corsets, covenant, current 93, da5id din, danny elfman, das ich, david bowie, dead can dance, delerium, depeche mode, diary of dreams, die form, dimension 8, din fiv, duran duran, dwayne goettel, ebm, edgar allan poe, edward ka-spel, electric hellfire club, electronic body music, emotion, etc., evil's toy, eyeliner, faith and the muse, fictional, fishnet, flute, front line assembly, funker vogt, gary numan, goth, goth subculture, gothic, gothic music, grrls, haujobb, icon of coil, industrial, industrial music, informatik, information society, invader zim, jhonen vasquez, johnny depp, johnny rotten, joy division, jthm, keyboard, kmfdm, l'âme immortelle, leæther strip, london after midnight, love and rockets, magic cards, makeup, malign, maril, mdfmk, mesh, more, murphy, music, my cat, nelson demille, nietzsche, nivek ogre, nostalgia, ohgr, oingo boingo, other, pet shop boys, philosophy, portishead, project pitchfork, radiohead, random, ravenous, razed in black, robert smith, roman dirge, ronan harris, rosetta stone, rozz williams, self pity, sifl and olly, siouxsie sioux, sisters of mercy, skinny puppy, smashing pumpkins, snog, soft cell, strings, suicide commando, suspiria, synth, synthesizer, synthpop, tear garden, the crüxshadows, the cure, the legendary pink dots, the mission uk, the razor skyline, the smiths, tim burton, tones on tail, vast, velvet, velvet acid christ, vinyl, violin, vnv nation, wolfsheim, writings, wumpscut, xymox

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